Let's Race scooter

Let's Race is an electrically charged, well designed and appealing scooter for the disabled. But it is not like the usual products in the market. Rather, it’s designed like a small var. Good for self-esteem for those who do not want to advertise their disability

Let's Race elscooter

Stylish and practical

The electrical scooter is developed with three key words in mind; design, function and userexperience. Because of this, the electric scooter has a wide front section that provides protection from wind and rain and makes you not feel exposed. Inside there is also a storage compartment for a bag or other items that need to be kept protected.


A major feature is the removable storage box under the seat, which can be loaded with up to 15 kg. A foldable bag that fits the box is provided. Practical to take with you when you go shopping!



Let's Race has ergonomic and comfortable handle with brake handles and a clear display of detailed information from speed to the weather temperature. Obviously, it is equipped with front lights, rear lights and turn signals as well as a warning signal when reversing the scooter.

The large pneumatic tires together with the front and rear bumpers provide a safe driving experience. Top speed is 15 km / h and a single charge lasts for approximately 45 km.

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