The accessories for Let’s Go Out are available in matching colors, which gives a beautiful designed overall impression.

Let's Fly rollator tray

Tray. Art. no. 0381.

A tray is available for Let’s Fly which can be placed on the seat. It is easy to put in place and has support edges to stop it from falling off.

Let's Fly rollator crutch holder

Crutch holder. Art. no. 0382.

The elegant crutch holder consists of two parts, an upper and lower part, and is used to take along a crutch or a walking stick with the rollator. Simple snap mount.

Let's Fly champagne rollator back rest

Backrest band. Art. no. 0383.

The backrest band is fixed to the handles and gives extra support and a greater feeling of safety when sitting on the rollator. Color is brown to match the seat.

Let's Fly bag

Bag. Art. no. 0151.

The bag is made of black canvas with an artificial leather lid with a decor edge to match the seat. The bag has a zipper and is easily taken off and used as a shopping bag.

Let's Fly lights

See me tonight. Art. no. 0162.

Flexible light with a red LED-diode that easy to mount on the frame. Can be placed on multiple locations on the rollator. The light has to settings, blinking and steady light. The light are tested for outdoor use. Two lights in each case.

Let's Fly Travel bag

Travelling bag. Art. no. 0155.

The bag is made of black canvas with inner lining, handles and a strong shoulder strap. On the bag is a net pocket for smaller items and a plastic sleeve for a name tag. The bag is shaped to fit the rollator when it is folded. Strong zipper for closing.