Let's Go beech rollator

ART. NO. 0020

It is light and comfortable, easy to operate and easy to use in narrow spaces such as a bathroom. It has a removable tray for transporting, for example, a plate or a cup of coffee. You can use it as a food trolley, a small table to eat from, and as a support if you need to get up from bed in the middle of the night. A fabric basket can be used as an accessory. It is available in two sizes, and can be used with the tray.

The handles are clad with soft foam rubber, adjustable in height to fit different statures. The brake can easily be operated with only one hand and is active on both rear wheels. The rollator also has of course a parking brake.

It can be easily folded and can stand up when it is folded. It has passed all tests regarding quality and environment, and is CE marked and ISO approved.

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Let's Go beech rollator hand brake

Let's Go beech rollator brake

The brake on Let’s Go is placed under the handle and goes all the way from the left to right side. You can brake both rear wheels with only one hand, and you can grip the brake anywhere on the soft rubber handle. The brake can of course be locked and used as a parking brake.

Let's Go beech rollator folding

The brake is easily adjusted with a hexagonal adjustment sleeve on the lower part of the brake wire, for example when handle height is changed. The sleeve is easily screwed with the fingers.

Let's Go beech rollator back wheel

The Let’s Go wheels are made of soft rubber, 15 cms in diameter and with of course ball bearings, which make the rollator easy to turn, easy to roll, and use only a small space.

It is easy to fold the rollator by using your finger to lift the lock key between the handles. When the rollator is unfolded, the tray ring snaps into the lock key automatically.

Let's Go Beech rollator folded


The rollator can easily be folded and taken into a car as it needs a minimum of space. When it is folded it can be easily put away standing upright on its four wheels.

Let's Go Beech rollator tray black

The tray on Let’s Go is made of plastic with a matt surface, 42 x 35 cm in size and placed tabletop height on the rollator. It can be easily lifted off and on, and is used to transport a plate, cup of coffee or other smaller items.



Let's Go Beech rollator large bag

Large fabric basket.

The basket is easy to attach with velcro and easy to remove. It can be washed, and carries slightly larger items. It can be used together with the tray. Available in Grey/Black.

Let's Go Beech rollator small bag

Small fabric basket.

The basket is easy to attach with velcro and easy to remove. It can be washed and carries smaller items. It can be used together with the tray. Available in Grey/Black.


Facts and technical data.

Measurements and weight.

Handle height 83–95 cm
Tray height 68.5 cm
Length 63.5 cm
Width 54.5 cm
Weight 6.6 kg

Tested and approved.

Let’s Go is tested according to ISO 11199-2:2005 and approved for a user weight of up to 100 kg.


Let’s Go has a one year guarantee.


Let’s Go is delivered assembled in cardboard and ready for use, includes plastic tray. User manual is included.



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