From a broken shopping cart to a world success.

“My father, Silvano, was a tough and handsome man from Italy and he was my hero when I was a child. During the war, my dad was a prisoner in the city of Pula in former Yugoslavia. One day, he fled back in a small rowboat that he had stolen at night from a small fishing village outside of Pula and rowed across the Adriatic ocean back to Rimini in Italy.

For three days he navigated his way with an old toy compass. He painted the boat in black at night and white during the day to avoid the patrolling military boats to discover him at sea.

When he became an old man, he got Parkinson's, which became harder and harder for him to live with. He was shaking and having difficulties walking. My mother, Maria had to help him all the time so that he wouldn’t fall over and hurt himself. She tried to teach him the 1,2,3 method to allow his brain to perceive that he would use his legs and move forward.

After she let him go it didn’t take long before he trembled because he didn’t have anything to support him. This happened every day and I suffered with my parents in their inhuman lives, there was no dignity left for my father.

One day I was shopping at the grocery store in Malmö with a shopping cart when I got the idea that perhaps a small cart like this is exactly what my father would need when he walks at the house. I went back to the grocery store to ask the manager if they had any old shopping cart that I could buy, but he told me I could get it for free. I then went home with it to my garage where I got help from a retired plate maker, Knut from Eslöv. He had also helped me with the renovation of an old vintage car.

The next day we started the renovation of a shopping car. First, we cut it down, then we welded it around and lastly checked for the appropriate height and functions to convert it into a small trolley on four wheels. I went over to a sporting goods store and bought a tennis racket with brown synthetic leather and wrapped it around the small indoor rollator’s handle. Later I sprayed it with dark blue and it looked really nice.

When I drove the cart home to my mom, she didn’t want to bring it in because of her parquet floor. Luckily after a while, she accepted it and it became a miracle for my father who suddenly could go off on is own without falling in the house. The furniture got a little bit damaged in her over-furnished house since his vision also was poor. Most importantly my father felt way safer than before when he grabbed onto the rollator.

After a while, he got so bad that my mother couldn’t keep him in the house anymore. He was then taken into an elderly home where he of course used his rollator. It became a huge success among the others, and everyone wanted the same small, functional, and stable rollator as Silvano who his son had built for him. This rollator, Let’s Go, which I named it, is now available in over 30 countries and has given a new and better life to over 800.000 users around the world.

A small and old shopping cart from the local grocery store has created a world-leading company in healthcare technology, Trust Care.

Thank you, Dad.”


Diego Carloni, the son.