A world wide success.

Elegant and smooth.

The Let's Go Out outdoor rollator is lightweight, smooth and steady. It weighs only 6.4 kg and is easy to fold. It needs very little space and stands by itself when folded. The elegant large front wheels make it easy to turn and cross pavement curbs. The rear wheel fenders protect your clothes from getting dirty. Shock-absorbing suspension on the rear wheels makes it run smoothly on all surfaces.

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Easy to use.

Ergonomic design.

Let’s Go Out has ergonomically shaped rubber handles, adjustable in height from 78 to 96 cm to fit different statures. There is, of course, both an effective brake and parking brake, which are easy to operate with no visible wires. Let’s Go Out is tested and approved according to ISO regulations for a user weight of 130 kg.

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Comfortable to walk with.

A smoother ride.

The rear wheels of Let’s Go Out have built-in soft rubber suspension to give it a softer ride when you are walking on rough surfaces. Trust Care’s outdoor rollators are the first in the world with this feature. The large front wheels make it easier to climb over obstacles with the rollator, such as pavement curbs.

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What our customers say:

"Liberté de se déplacer"

"Freedom to move around". That is what Gerald says about Let's Go Out. "I bought the rollator 7 months ago. It's the best decision of my life.I walked with a cane before, but this walker is astonishingly good. Lets Go Out has given me a new better life."

Gerald Gasquet, Lyon, France

Let's Go Out properties.

Driving experience.

The rear wheels of Let’s Go Out have built-in soft rubber suspension to give a softer ride when you are walking on rough surfaces. 


The seat on Let’s Go Out is made of black artificial leather with a beautiful white seam. Soft and comfortable to sit on, yet durable and water resistant.


The ergonomically designed rubber handles on Let’s Go Out gives a firm and comfortable grip.


The height of the handles can be adjusted to fit different statures using the screws on each side of the frame.

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Accessories for Let's Go Out.


The bag is made of black canvas with a black artificial leather lid to match the seat. The bag has a zipper and is easily taken off and used as a shopping bag.

Travel bag.

Form-fitted travel bag in black canvas with internal padding, handle and strap with extra shoulder support. A mesh pocket for smaller things can be found on the bag.

Backrest band.

The backrest band is fixed to the handles and gives extra support and a greater feeling of safety when sitting on the rollator. Color is black to match the seat.

Crutch holder.

The elegant crutch holder has two parts, an upper and lower part, and is used to take along a crutch or walking stick with the rollator. 


Flexible red light that is easily mounted on the frame. Can be placed in different locations. The light has two modes, blinking and solid light.

Foot lever.

The foot lever helps you lift the front of the rollator to easily cross curbs and other obstacles. 


A tray is available for Let’s Go Out that can be placed on the seat. It is easy to put in place and has support edges to stop it from falling off.