The unique designer chair.

Let's Sit Down - Recliner.

Let's Sit Down is a new type of recliner inspired by classic Scandinavian design. It has been a huge success all over the world for its fantastic functions and comfort. Its cordless design makes it easy to place anywhere in the room without having to worry about cables across the floor. Let's Sit Down has a built-in battery that handles all the functions in the chair. You charge the battery as easy as you charge your phone.

Practical and beautiful chair. 

Let's Sit down has an elegant, built in control panel that controls all the functions in the chair. The panel also has a USB jack that you can use to charge your phone or compatible laptop.It has no visible cords or remotes, but if you desire you can buy a corded remote for the chair. The chair is mounted on a swivel foot that rotates 360 degrees.

Your new comfortable recliner.

Let's Sit down - Helps you up!

After having relaxed in Let's Sit down and it's time to stand up, the chair will assist you. With a dedicated motor underneath the seat it will lift the entire seat upwards helping you stand.

The recliner of your dreams.

Besides the function of helping you stand up, you can also lift the foot rest to relax your legs. The back can also recline to your desired angle, making the chair comfortable enough to sleep in. The functions in the chair are powered by three individual motors.

World class comfort.

Let's Sit Down is manufactured in moulded foam that gives you the perfect comfort when sitting in the chair. You can adapt your seating experience to whatever position you like. The seat textile is easily removed and can be washed. There is also a waterproof cover underneath the seat textile that protects the chair against liquid damage.