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We have a network of retailers all over the world. They will be glad to assist you with your questions regarding our product. If your product for some reason doesn't work the way it should, its mainly the retailer that you bought the product from you should turn to. To find the nearest retailer please visit our find a retailer page.

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What to consider when buying a rollator?

A rollator is a fantastic aid for getting around. It provides both extra support, security and gives you a better quality of life. Below you will find a guide for you when you are considering buying a rollator.

What to think of:

Think about what your needs are. There are rollator for indoor and outdoor use.


   1. Choose a rollator that feels safe and stable.
   2. Choose a rollator that can be easily folded.
   3. Choose a rollator with a stable seat to be able to sit down when needed.
   4. The handles should be easy to raise and lower and feel comfortable to hold.
   5. Choose a rollator with a basket that is easy to take on and off.


Discover our outdoor models: Let´s Fly, Let´s Go Out, Let´s Move and Let´s Shop.


Discover our indoor models: Let´s Go and Let´s Dream.

What is the difference between an outdoor and an indoor rollator?

Rollator for outdoor use:

Outdoor rollator have a stronger frame, larger rubber-covered wheels and equipped with a seat. All models are easy to fold and bring with you in the car, bus or on vacation. Options such as bag, tray and crutch holders are available for purchase via your retailer. You can also use your outdoor rollator indoors depending on the space at home.

Outdoor rollators handle better asphalt, uneven terrain. Some rollators are specially developed e.g. shopping such as Let´s Shop.


Discover our outdoor models:
Let´s Fly, Let´s Go Out, Let´s Move and Let´s Shop.


Watch our product videos on YouTube:
Let´s Fly, Let´s Go Out, Let´s Move and Let´s Shop.


Rollator for indoor use:

Indoor walkers are intended for indoor use. The rollator are denser and narrower to easily get around the home between furniture and through doorways. Our rollator and walkers have a tray and basket that is included or optional depending on the users preferences.


Discover our indoor models:
Let´s Go and Let´s Dream.

Where can i buy a Trust Care product?

Trust Care has a retailer network in over 35 countries. To find your closest retailer please click here. If you live in Sweden you can buy it directly from our web shop here.

How do I maintain my rollator?

Maintenance of your rollator is important for the rollator should work optimally. Make sure that the wheels and bearings are clean from dirt and dust.


The rollator can be washed with water and a little detergent. Use a clean, soft sponge or cloth. Do not use degreaser on frame or wheels and avoid getting water into the bearings because it can destroy the bearings. Rinse or wipe the walker or your rollator with a dry and/or moist cloth.

I want a suitable bag for my outdoor walker, do you have it?

All outdoor walker has an associated bag or basket, see accessories on each specific product page.

Where can I find accessories for my rollator?

There are many accessories for your rollator, think about what is important to you, lighting, storage, bag or tray. We have products for everyone and/or every need. You can find accessories for your rollator under on each specific product page.

Where can I find a spare parts for my product?

At the bottom of each product page you will find downloadable brochures and documents for each product. Just click on one of the links to open the document. On our YouTube channel under services, you will find videos and instructions how to service your rollator and/or change your spare parts yourself.

I have problems with my product, what should i do?

The most common problems and solutions can be found under the other questions we answer here. If you do not find the answer to your question, contact your local retailer who can help you or our customer service.