Commonly asked questions.

In our FAQ you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

When you need assistance.

We have a network of retailers all over the world. They will be glad to assist you with your questions regarding our product. If your product for some reason doesn't work the way it should, its mainly the retailer that you bought the product from you should turn to. To find the nearest retailer please visit our find a retailer page.

Before contacting us, please read through our FAQ below to see if your question can be answered here. 


How do i clean my products?

  1. Prepare. Fill a bucket with some water. Pour in a splash of detergent or some detergent.
  2. Start washing. Use a clean, soft sponge and thaw the rollator. Do not use degreaser on frame or wheels. These can destroy the bearings.
  3. Rinse the rollator, preferably with a water hose. If you use high pressure washer, spray from front and back, not from the side. Then water and dirt can penetrate the bearings.
  4. The wheels are the easiest to clean but a soft brush. Clean all the way around and then change sides. Then rinse off.
  5. Then dry everything with a dry cloth or allow the rollator to air dry.

Where can i buy a Trust Care product?

Trust care has a retailer network in over 35 countries. To find your closest retailer please click here. If you live in Sweden you can buy it directly from our web shop.

I have problems with my product, what should i do?

The most common problems and solutions can be found under the other questions we answer here. If you do not find the answer to your question, contact your local retailer who can help you or our customer service.