Let's Frisbee - Highest quality.

Uniquely designed bath stool. 

Let's Frisbee is a new shower stool with a modern design intended for use in the shower and bathroom. The stool has a beautiful and sturdy construction for safe and secure use. The legs are easily adjustable to the required height with a simple push-button. With its compact design, the stool is designed to fit in any location.

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Rotating soft seat.

Let's Frisbee has a rotating soft cushion seat that makes it easy for users to clean themselves in the most comfortable way possible. Since the place rotates its easy to turn around if you need to access something behind you in the shower.

Let's Fribee properties.


The stool is easily adjusted with a secure push button. The button also has a security slot built in as extra security. The button locks up against the edge of the hole when the user sits on the seat.

Perfect grip.

Rubber feet have a secure grip pattern to give the best possible footing in the bathroom.

Rotating seat.

This unique seat rotates both ways, making it easier for the user to clean themselves when seated.

Easy to assemble. 

Supplied in a flat package. Easy to assemble. Use and care instructions included.