Beautiful and sturdy.

New footstool with modern design.

Let's Step is a new footstool with a modern design intended for use in the bathroom and shower. The stool has a beautiful and sturdy construction for safe and secure use. It has grooves on the surface to provide secure footing when the surface is wet. It is made in black to provide good visibility against white bathtubs.

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Perfect for the whole family.

Let's Step is suitable for all family members. The stool is perfect for getting out of the bathtub, safe and secure. It has many application areas that will ease your everyday life.

Let's Step properties.

Best possible grip.

Rubber feet have a secure grip pattern to give the best possible footing in the bathroom.

Easy to assemble.

Delivered in a flat-pack package. Easy to assemble. Use and care instructions included.

Surface structure.

It has grooves on the top surface to provide secure footing when the pallet is wet, to reduce risk of slipping.


The stool is a great help when you climb in and out of the bathtub making these transitions easier and safer.