Safe, smooth and elegant.

Our walkers for indoor use are very practical and elegant walking aids for individuals who need extra support and safety in their lives. The rollators offers you safety, function and design in perfect harmony and are lightweight rolling aids for use indoors.

Practical in every way.

For your everyday life.

Both our models Let's Go and Let's Dream comes with the common features of having a tray, being able to fold, grip-friendly handles and parking brakes. The wheels rotate easily and its very easy to get around in your home.

Let's Go.

Let's Go, the worldwide success from Trust Care, is a very practical walking aid for people who needs a little extra support and security in their life. This walker provides you with safety, function and design in perfect harmony. Let's Go is an easy and flexible rolling aid for indoor use. It also has a beautiful and elegant design. Available in four different colors.

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Let's Dream.

It's lightweight and comfortable, easy to maneuver and easy to use in narrow spaces like your bathroom . It has a removable tray for transporting things like a plate or a cup of coffee. Use it as a serving trolley or as an aid in getting out of your bed.

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