The lightweight rollator - Let's Move.

Modern Rollator in economy class.

Beautiful and elegant, rubber handles with an optimal grip that is gentle to your hands. The rollator only weighs 5,4 kg making it one of the lightest aluminum rollators in the world. The rollator is easy to fold and stands by itself when folded. Let's move has instantly become a success all over the world.

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Safe and practical.

Let's Move is easy to fold and stands by itself when folded. The rollator has ergonomically designed handles in rubber, adjustable to fit all body types. There is both a parking brake and a regular brake that is easy to handle without any visible wires. Let's move is tested according to the ISO standard for a max user weight of 130 kg.

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Lightweight frame.

Elegant and smooth.

Let's Move is both elegant and smooth. With a carbon fiber-class weight in an aluminum frame, it is easy to handle and extremely comfortable to get around with. To lift your walker in and out of your car or on the bus has never been easier.

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Donations from Trust Care.

"what a wonderful gift I have received".

Trust Care has contributed large donations of healthcare products to vulnerable people around the world, to give them a new and better life. Click on the link to read more about how we help vulnerable people.

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What our costumers say:

"Let at tage med Sigge".

"Easy to bring out my dog". That is what Stine says about Let's Move. I have troubles with my knees and when I’m out with Sigge I feel safe with Let's Move. It’s solid, steady and easy to walk with. Let's Move makes me walk much better than with the crutch i have used before and it's really lightweight and comfortable too."

Stine Jensen, Aalborg, Denmark

Let's Move properties.


The handle height is easily adjusted with the screws located on both sides of the frame.


The grip of Let's Move is specially designed to give maximum comfort during use.

Mesh Seat.

The mesh seat on Let's Move is soft and comfortable to sit on, at the same time it's water resistant and durable.

Smoother walk.

All forks are made of durable plastics and the design makes you walk more stable and safe.

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Graphite Grey


Accessories for Let's Move


Flexible lamps with a red light that is easily mounted on the frame. Can be placed in different locations. The lamps have two light modes, blinking and solid light.

Travel bag.

Form-fitted travel bag in black canvas with internal padding, handle and shoulder strap with reinforced shoulder padding. A mesh pocket can be found on the bag for smaller things.

Backrest band.

The backrest band is fixed to the handles and gives extra support and a greater feeling of safety when sitting on the rollator. Color is black to match the seat.


A tray is available for Let’s Move that can be placed on the seat. It is easy to put in place and has support edges to stop it from falling off.