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Let’s Get Up.

Bed raiser.

The new Let's Get Up is a great help when you have to get out of bed, which can be a big challenge for those with limited mobility. Let's Get Up has also been awarded the Red Dot design award.

Increases stability

Helps you up and down from the bed.

Let's Get Up is a fantastic and safe bed raiser up that helps you get out of bed and when you need support to get down in bed. It is also good for those recovering from injury or illness where they have become weak and lost their strength, especially for older people who already have limited mobility. With its robust construction and soft handles, you can safely and comfortably feel a sense of security.

Feel confident

Support by bed, sofa or armchair.

Let's Get Up can also be easily applied to a sofa or armchair in the home, with a simple hand grip. Our Let's Get Up support gives you an extra helping hand to help you get up from the sofa or armchair in a safe way.

Designed for you

Easy to install.

You can easily install the Let's Get Up by applying the mounting bracket under the headboard and locking it in place with an included hex key. Then it is fixed, firm and stable. The 8kg bottom plate also helps increase stability. You can try the handle until you reach a desired, comfortable height. The padded foam rubber handle makes it soft and comfortable to hold.

Let's Get Up properties.

Adjustable frame mount.

Easy to apply under the headboard and lock with the enclosed hex key.

Adjustable handle.

Adjust the handle height to the desired position.

Grip safe.

Ergonomic and soft foam rubber handle for best grip safety.


Wide and stable foot that is equipped with rubber rings on the underside to get a stable attachment to the floor.