The Story behind Trust Care: Founder's story


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Discover the inspiring journey of Trust Care's founder, Diego Carloni, and how his mission to assist his father evolved into a global movement, transforming lives with innovative mobility aids.

In our modern society, with people living longer lives, there is a growing demand for solutions that help individuals maintain their independence and mobility as they age or deal with disabilities. Well-designed aids can significantly improve their quality of life, whether they are twenty or eighty years old. Before Trust Care, the market lacked modern and innovative solutions. In this article, we explore the inspiring journey of Diego Carloni, Trust Care’s founder, whose mission expanded from helping his father to transforming the lives of millions of people worldwide through carefully designed mobility aids.


Redefining Independence

“My sense of entrepreneurship was ignited by a desire to assist the elderly, who are often overlooked”, says Diego. “In many locations across the world, seniors resist using aids due to pride, believing they are strong enough to handle things on their own. Rather than helpful, they often view mobility aids for walking as an obstacle. This was partly due to the weight and less than optimal design of existing models at the time”.


“Initially, my mission was to assist my father, who was battling Parkinson's disease and spent most of his time indoors. Traditional walkers were designed primarily for outdoor use and proved to be cumbersome for indoor navigation. Witnessing my father's struggle as he relied on furniture and walls for support, motivated me to build an indoor-specific solution. I drew inspiration from a shopping cart and built a lightweight and agile walking support aid. This provided him with stability and independence for tasks such as using the toilet, getting out of bed or a sofa, and even served as a table for added comfort and safety. The inclusion of a single handle allows people who are unable to use both hands to also gain benefit from the device”, Diego outlines.


From Passion to Purpose

“It turned out that my first walker not only helped my father but also caught widespread attention. People were encouraging me to showcase the product at the Rehacare trade fair. This led me to establish the company Trust Care - a name inspired by my wife's international staffing company, Trust”, he says. “Due to a lack of modern, well-designed aids in the market, our products were quickly in high demand”.

“Before Trust Care, I had an advertising company and worked with major companies like Nestle and Volvo. So, marketing and promoting Trust Care was familiar territory for me”.

“While receiving recognition and awards such as the Red Dot is certainly gratifying, our true pride stems from our beneficial impact”, Diego shares. “We find our greatest satisfaction in enhancing the lives of seniors and individuals with varying disabilities, including those in countries facing crises. Driven by our passion to solve the evolving needs of our users and expand our reach, we consistently invest in advanced technology and design to develop new healthcare products worldwide. With several new products in the pipeline, we aim to remain at the forefront of the industry”, he concludes.